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25.Oct.2010 Plastering, plastic and patience

The last few weeks have been great. Well that’s a lie. They’ve been ok. I have now entered the phase that should really be contractually accompanied with at least four therapy sessions. For someone who has a problem deciding on exactly what colour toothpaste to buy, the idea of choosing an entire house of objects […]

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13.Jul.2010 Final Slab

It’s been a few weeks since the last update. Bedroom 2 has started taking shape and the walls have gone up. The last few weeks have been spent prepping the final slab for the main bedroom. The slab also forms the ceiling of the lounge & dining area. The usual steel and conduiting was laid.┬áThere […]

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22.Jun.2010 Slab poured

The weather played along and after many tweaks to the steelwork, the engineer, Andy Cowie (CDA Design CC) , cast his final critical eye over everything and gave it his thumbs up – the concrete was poured onto the second floor slab. An additional beam was added above the garage and had to be poured […]

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13.Jun.2010 Slab Prep work

There has been more prep work for the slab – laying of conduits, prepping the holes for the skylights, putting in the boxes for the downlighters etc. the steel has all been placed and after some last minute changes to the design of the landing and other refinements we are just about ready to pour […]

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07.May.2010 Steel & Insulation

The rain has stopped for a couple of days so progress can continue smoothly. The steel is down and the slab is just about ready to be poured. We have added a layer of 40mm polystyrene (Sagex) underneath the slab for insulation. A home loses a lot of heat through its floors into the earth. […]

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