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30.Apr.2010 Final Foundations

The foundations are pretty much done – the steel has been ordered and the slab will be laid next week. It’s great to be able to start feeling the outlines of the structure  – from plan to reality is quite an amazing feeling. Size and area seem to be on a constant acid trip, warping […]

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13.Apr.2010 FFL – Deciding on the finished floor level

The foundations are moving along swiftly. The east boundary now consists of a very deep and very solid foundation. The finished floor level is another decision that is critical at this stage. Once decided there’s no going back. I need to take various factors into account including height above the road for drainage and height […]

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01.Apr.2010 Pouring the Foundations

After a few emergency engineering drawings and some scratching of heads, the foundations are being poured. The fact that my property is approx 1.5m higher than my neighbour’s means that I have to get my foundations down to a level below their’s. This means my foundations are now about 1.9m deep. The soil test results […]

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25.Mar.2010 Foundations – 1 week later

The engineer has been to site to check it all out. We now wait for a DCP test as the soil wasn’t looking great for us to build the foundations on – this means two things: more time and more money. But I have been assured that this is one of the few variables in […]

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18.Mar.2010 Day 1 – digging the trenches

The day has arrived and the men are at work. Finally the digging begins. Maybe we’ll find hidden treasure underground – I am hoping we find nothing but solid ground. It feels like this moment has taken about 2 years too long but the wait is/was worth it. Structure done in 6-8 months if all […]