What’s it all about?

This blog will follow the process of planning and building my house in Higgovale, Cape Town, South Africa.

I will try to list all the suppliers, good and bad as my building journey progresses.

Pictures, doctors bills etc will also be posted.

Think of it as a very slow and drawn-out episode of Grand Designs without the initial snarky comments of Kevin McCloud.

And with many ad breaks (advertising pays for the building)


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  • Monique Wells says:

    Awesome Bruno.Know what you mean about Kevin McCloud.Ps,just watched your ads on egg and truely amaising,amaising work.Dairy chicken-lmao.x

  • nicole says:

    Well done my boot! Looking awesome! Hope you had a fab holiday. Don’t forget I’m gonna be inviting you over for a lunch with the famiglia. Xxx

  • Roberto says:

    Great idea, nice site.
    Need a job?
    Sorry about your arm

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