05.Nov.2012 :::Roof Garden & Veggie Patch:::

I have finally installed my fynbos roof garden – all the plants are water-wise. The garden base consists of a layer of dorken with sand filling the cups then a layer of great soil that Bruce Beyer and his team made for the project. I installed the irrigation system myself, which although quite a steep learning curve, wasn’t too tricky. It is now entirely automated. The garden has also added an insulation layer for the whole area, shielding the kitchen from the heat of summer.

Previously the slab would heat up during the day and then spend the night giving off heat to the house which would result in a very warm house.This insulation layer will also keep the heat from escaping the house in winter.

My courtyard has now also undergone a transformation – I have installed a veggie box. There are already some herbs and two Jasmine bushes. Hopefully I will have a fully functioning kitchen garden at my disposal soon.

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