05.Oct.2011 :::MOVED:::

I’ve moved in!

It feels surreal after all this time to actually be in my own space – this is also heightened by the fact that I have very little furniture so it’s a bit empty.

But I’m in! No more having to answer that “when are you moving in?” question, it is done. But like any marriage the next question is “so when you going to have a party” (replace ‘party’ with ‘baby’) – the answer is as soon as I get over my paranoia about my new floors (replace ‘new floors’ with ‘commitment issues’)

Next phase is the garden/pool/deck… but first I am going to unpack and sleep and work to try and pay for all this!

Now that I have a new house, unpacking all my old crap, I feel that I need to get rid of a lot of stuff. So a garage sale and charity is the next step.

But I’m in!

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