16.Jan.2011 New Year – doors, ceilings, frames and happy days

The year has started with gusto and already work has overwhelmed me.

The good news is that all’s well on the home front and it’s all going swiftly forward. Doors and new door frames have arrived on site and they look beautiful. Hoping to keep them that way.

Almost all the ceilings are done and the painters arrive on site tomorrow to start priming and applying filler coat.

My plans for the new front gate and wall have also been approved. Seems council is a little more efficient lately. I have purchased the strip of land next to my property so we will be putting up the new wall soon Рthis will make my garden area a bit bigger  and create a greater sense of space around the living area.

The garage is also getting a roof and it’s all feeling like I might actually move in this year.

Happy new year.

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