29.Aug.2010 Banks, Trusses & decisions

The last few weeks have been filled with many decisions, battles and victories. The bank is back in my good books, and has reciprocated the favour which means that I might even be moving in by December. That is if I can get all the decisions made before my builder fires me.

It has been a frustating few weeks with work interfering with my on-site time and hence my inability to make some critical decisions. There have also been quite a few glitches in the original master plan and we have had to continually re-evaluate certain areas and certain design choices. For the first time in the building process I have been very frustrated with some of the hiccups. It seems that a final detail isn’t all that. A word of advice at this point – make sure that all the details have been checked by the people actually ¬†building the house before going ahead and that they are in fact practically achievable details ¬†– even if those details had already been discussed at length – it seems there is quite a big gap between theory and practice – sounds pretty simple, but it’s not simple at all when it costs you time and money .

That said – there has been some good progress and the roof trusses are up. The roof sheeting should be going on soon.

The staircase is halfway there. Everyday is another step closer to the final vision. The oak trees have also started growing their leaves back – it’s al looking very much like Spring.

I’m hoping that the next few months run smoother than the last few weeks.

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