09.Aug.2010 Main Bedroom & more

The pressure of the final stage is upon me. The building continues to take shape and as we approach the final construction stage so the decisions become more critical and numerous.

I have changed the layout of the main bedroom and have had to adjust a window accordingly. It’s great to see the windows framing the views – I already have a favourite view from bedroom 2 – I think that views do not have to be large and expansive – I like the idea of editing views with windows and frames.

There have  been a few hiccups with the conflicts in the plans which resulted in a beam to being placed at the wrong height. Adjustments seem to be the normal route at this stage and no matter how much you prepare and visualise a space, until you are standing in it you never really get a sense of it.

The walls have also gone up that will support the roof and form the facade. The asymmetrical shape of the roof was the compromise I had to accept as the council refused permission for a flat roof. I am slowly getting used to it and think that once it has been softened with the wood cladding it will create a signature shape for the house.

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