01.Jun.2010 Moving on & up

It’s been a ¬†few weeks since the last post. I was away on holiday for 2 weeks and was pleasantly surprised to see that the ground floor walls are all pretty much done. The formwork for the first slab is busy being erected and soon we will be going up to the next level. The pace has been amazing and I can now really start getting a sense of the space. It’s getting more exciting, and more expensive, as we move along.

There have been very few hiccups – the only and more recent one is a door that needs to be moved as it does not allow enough space for a kitchen counter.

Other than that – window and door frames are in, the weather is playing along and it’s full steam ahead!

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  • marinella says:

    belissimo caro figlio and exciting to think that in a few months you will move in and we can enjoy a lunch with view to mountain. Well done am very happy/proud for/of you.
    have send Sandro this website today