30.Apr.2010 Final Foundations

The foundations are pretty much done – the steel has been ordered and the slab will be laid next week.

It’s great to be able to start feeling the outlines of the structure  – from plan to reality is quite an amazing feeling. Size and area seem to be on a constant acid trip, warping every time I visit the site – some days the lounge feels huge, some days it feels too small. Once the walls are up the acid might wear off a little.

My FFL (finished floor level) issue was resolved and I will now stand slightly higher above planet earth than originally planned – about 10-15cm higher. This resolves possible water and garden height issues that could pose aesthetic problems later. So all good.

An aside: The not so good news is that Jeremy my uber-builder was involved in a mountaineering accident damaging his leg and worse yet lost a friend to the mountain. Condolences to him – not an easy thing to get through.

He has managed to hobble onto site since his fall. Better news is that his recovery, while not quick, will be full.

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